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Product | Your people questions answered

Our web platform changes the way core people management questions are answered. With pre-designed analytics and intelligent surveys, data fuels smarter decision-making and creates better workplaces.

Philosophy | Our approach to human capital analytics

At the heart of the labor market lies one central challenge: finding, building, and sustaining the right match between employee and employer. This pursuit underpins nearly all aspects of an employment relationship—from compensation and training to attraction and engagement. Yet in practice, companies approach these issues piecemeal, establishing best-practices largely through trial and error.

Three major developments, however, have set the stage for a new way to ask and answer the core questions in an employment relationship.

First, information systems have emerged to facilitate the systematic collection of electronic career and labor market data. Second, advances in statistics and processing power have given rise to powerful machine learning techniques, enabling the extraction of underlying patterns from large quantities of data. And finally, new theoretical frameworks—human capital investments, incentives, imperfect information, signaling, cognitive bias, and the fast versus slow brain—have fundamentally transformed our understanding of labor markets and the actors within them.

Each of these three pillars—information systems, pattern recognition, and theory—must come together to realize their transformative potential. Theories without data are academic. Data without information systems are limited. Patterns without theories are noise. The future of HR lies in harnessing these powerful synergies.

Research | Grounded in theory and experience

Our intellectual foundations are rooted in academic research and practical experience. This collection of case studies, white papers, and related academic articles is a way to share some of this knowledge.

Team | A cross-disciplinary environment

Our team is a collection of our founder's top students, collaborators, and co-authors. Coming from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds, we share a common vision for the future of people analytics.